About Us

About Us

Sunday Services are at 10 a.m. at 700 West Clay Street in Collinsville, Illinois

Sunday Services are at 10 a.m. at 700 West Clay Street in Collinsville, Illinois

Christ Unity Church is dedicated to teaching and demonstrating the spiritual Truth of life as taught by Jesus Christ. Unity believes that God is absolute good, everywhere present, within all persons, and is readily accessible to everyone.

All the activities of Christ Unity Church are designed to help people understand their own spiritual nature and to express spirituality in their lives in practical ways.

Christ Unity Church is committed to doing its part to bring forth God’s divine plan for good and to spreading Truth throughout the community and the world.

Christ Unity Church provides an open, accepting and loving environment for all who seek spiritual growth and understanding through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our ministry is designed to help people understand their own spiritual nature and to express their divine potential for health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. We affirm the spiritual truth of Christ’s teachings in daily living.

In the spirit of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of the Unity movement, our mission is to provide the means to quicken and make active in each individual, the innate spiritual life of the Christ consciousness.

Christ Unity Church is non-dogmatic in its approach to spiritual growth and understanding. We encourage each individual to:
•    awaken to the constant abiding presence of God within,
•    recognize that each of us is a physical expression of God’s love, and
•    realize that each of us is empowered to create the life we choose.

We offer practical ways to develop and remain aligned with this awareness, such as affirmative prayer, meditation and service.

Affirmation to support our mission and bring our vision into being:
I gratefully accept the opportunity to align myself with the Universal Presence and joyfully reflect this in my world.


Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity

Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ; our objective is to discern the truth in Christianity and prove it. The truth that we teach is not new; neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principle. Our purpose is to help and teach humankind to use and prove the eternal Truth taught by the Master. – Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity

Over the years Unity students have formed groups, thus creating a local ministry that is autonomous and independent. Through qualified leadership, we at Christ Unity Church have banded together to help strengthen our service to humankind.

Within the structure of Christ Unity Church is the very heart of Unity ministry; that Unity is a state of mind. It is an attitude of thought and feeling. It is a realization that the Truth of God is an ever abiding, ever evolving, ever increasing reality and as children of God, Sons of the Most High, we are ever on a quest for a relationship with that Truth. As our understanding continues to increase and unfold, our lives are ordered and an increasing expression of peace, power, order, health, wisdom and supply are made manifest.

Our church is small, but growing and as it grows, more activities will be added. Our scope of activities includes classes conducted by a licensed Unity teacher, services offered by Rev. Karen Landwehr, Unity bookstore and prayer ministry.

Christ Unity Church believes in the power of positive, affirmative prayer. It bases its faith squarely upon the Bible and upon the practices of humankind in their ever modern search for the “truth that will set him free.” It is not necessary for humankind to live in pain, fear and limitation. You need only reach out through effective prayer to grasp the unlimited good that is God’s presence everywhere equally present.

Be assured your request for prayer help will be confidentially and effectively handled with love and consideration.

Christ Unity Church does not obligate you in any way. The service of Christ Unity Church are available to you, and to all who turn to it for help. But, as in all things in life, the more you put in the more you will get out of it. The more time, thought, prayer, study, and substance you give, the more meaning and value you will get from the teachings and services.

It is our firm conviction that as we give our service to God and man, the Father will, in keeping with our developing consciousness, supply every need through the many and varied channels at His disposal. Therefore, we extend our services freely and lovingly, knowing the needs of the ministry are met through the love offerings, tithes and gift of those whom it serves. There are neither “pledges” nor “drives.”

A part of Unity teaching encompasses the importance of the law of giving and tithing. It is necessary that humankind should open the flow of the channel of limitless substance from
God by giving. It becomes the eager joy of every Truth student to share his substance generously as the Spirit of God directs. Every Truth student is left free to share his good according to his own consciousness.

Silent Unity

Unity’s World-wide Prayer Ministry

Christ Unity Church has its headquarters in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  It seeks to disseminate its philosophy through the practical application of prayer in Silent Unity. Silent Unity, the prayer ministry which is the heart of Unity, receives thousands of prayer requests every day through the year from all over the world. It conducts its prayer activity twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year. It has done so for nearly a century.

Unity Headquarters is also a publishing house that publishes magazines, books, booklets and pamphlets by the thousands. Through its printed material it seeks to relate its basic teaching to everyday living. A sincere effort is made by its many hundreds of workers to be open and receptive to new inspiration and new insight, for Unity is an open ended philosophy, not bound by dogmatic precepts.

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