What is Unity?

What is Unity?

In all probability, a Unity Student is most often asked, “What is Unity?” It is rather unfortunate that the question itself tends to make us a little defensive because it is not easy to convey all that Unity means to us. If we seem to lack the articulateness to express our feeling, we should not feel inadequate. If a member of the Catholic Church were asked, “What is Catholicism?” he undoubtedly would find it difficult to define its significance to him in simple language. A Methodist or a Presbyterian or a Baptist would have difficulty answering a similar question regarding his religious affiliation.

Unity is more than a doctrine, it is an attitude. It is more than a church; it is a call to prayer. Unity is a way of life; it is a philosophy. Unity is practical Christianity; it is a unique eternal Truth that every man seeks. Unity is not simply an organization to join, or a place to worship. It is a dynamic teaching to study, a presentation of living principle to practice.

In all sincerity any Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Baptist would be able to use similar terms in describing his religious philosophy.

Perhaps Unity’s greatest attribute of uniqueness is in what it tries not to be. Unity is not a denomination. It is not a church organization that by its very nature tends to separate its “members” from those of other organizations. Unity does not try to convert people from one religion to another; but rather to help all people to be “transformed by the renewing of their minds.” Unity is neither a denomination nor a sect. Those who study the Unity teachings and who attend Christ Unity Church are free to keep their affiliation with any church they desire.

Unity teachings explain the action of mind, the link between God and man. They explain how mind affects the body, how it brings man into an understanding of God. Accept what, in Unity, appears to you to be Truth, and withhold judgment on the remainder until you understand it.

Unity seeks to teach, in as many ways as possible, the Truth that the living, dynamic presence of God indwells man. It seeks to make man aware that wherever he is (physically, mentally, or emotionally) God is there as wisdom, love, power, life, joy, and substance—ready, willing and able to become manifest as the fulfillment of every need.

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